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Resin Irix


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The nano-filled ceramic material

Irix is a nano-ceramic material that could be used for direct 3D printing of different objects: jewellery, fashion accessories, etc. Thanks to Irix, the revolutionary “digital stone”, designers have the possibility of developing their creativity without any shape limit or colour restriction. The creation of the stone is performed using nanotechnologies applied to the additive process, obtaining a material having the main features of a natural stone. Now it is possible to manufacture directly the object from the STL file without using conventional tools and methods.

Hints for design:

Irix allows maximum versatility for the manufacture of the finished product and it is available in the followings colours:

  • Ivory (avorio)
  • White (bianco)
  • Black (nero)
  • Red /coral (rosso)
  • Green / turquoise (verde)

Material features:

  • Direct printing
  • High resolution
  • High accuracy
  • Wide colour range
  • No geometrical limits
  • Maximum versatility for the manufacture of the finished product

Technical characteristics of the liquid material:

Environmental Values for Use: 22°C – 27°C – max, RH 40% – 60%

Appearance: liquid, colour – white, ivory, coral, black, turquoise

Viscosity (mPa•s at 25°C): 1550 ~2350 for irix white, 1300 ~ 1900 for irix ivory, 1400 ~2100 for irix coral, 1100 ~ 1600 for irix black and 1400 ~ 1200 for irix turquoise

Density (g/cm3): 1,4

Application / Use:  direct printing, digital stone.

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Avorio, Bianco, Nero, Rosso, Verde

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